C. diff. Gulf Coast Collaborative

fecal transplant


I’d like to acknowledge the important work being done by the C. difficile Gulf Coast Collaborative.  I was honored to be a guest speaker in Houston at the Texas Medical Center on Saturday, December 7, 2013, to present a proposal for a collaborative effort by The Fecal Transplant Foundation and The Peggy Lillis Memorial Foundation to raise awareness and provide education about C. difficile and FMT.

I have to say how blown away I was by the people, facilities, and projects of the Gulf Coast Collaborative on C. difficile.  We, as patients, need never again feel we are alone in our fight against C. diff., because there is a massive effort being put forth by amazing scientists in probably the largest collaborative venture anywhere.  Multiple researchers from multiple universities, each working on different aspects of the fight to understand and cure this horrible infection.

I thanked them all on behalf of all us, and told them how much their efforts mean, and how much their work gives us hope. I could not keep my emotions in check when I understood the scope of what they are doing. Absolutely amazing. Words cannot express my gratitude for being able to meet this people, learn of their work, and be a part of their group.

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