Feb 14, 2017

Hi all.  Catherine Duff here.  Just wanted to say a quick word about the Foundation, as many have asked about updates to the website.  We have been so busy attending meetings, answering questions, collaborating with other stakeholders, social media, interviews, committees, fundraising, and trying to keep up with the dizzying pace with which this field of study is rapidly expanding that the site has taken a backseat at times.  But please know we are here and doing everything we can to fulfill our mission statement, and working to increase access to this amazing treatment.

In other news, we would like to share that our good friends at Emory University, led by Dr. Colleen Kraft and Dr. Tanvi Dhere of the Microbiota Enrichment Program, are enrolling patients in an industry-sponsored research study looking at using the SERES Therapeutics spore pill to restore microbiota after the FIRST episode of C. difficile infection.

Please email Dr. Colleen Kraft immediately ( if you receive this diagnosis and start treatment. The spore pill is given as soon as the C. diff. treatment is completed.

They are available for questions about the protocol when you email them.


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