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OpenBiome CoverI would like to announce what will be an ongoing relationship between The Foundation, and Open Biome, a brilliant and compassionate group of scientists from MIT, Harvard, and Princeton, who have formed a 501c(3) to develop a donor stool bank which provides tested, frozen, and ready to use donor stool to doctors for use in fecal transplant for C. difficile not responding to standard treatment, at a very reasonable cost.

They also provide educational information, including protocols, for gastroenterologists and infectious disease doctors who would like to become providers of FMT.  Please visit their website to learn more.  This is VERY EXCITING NEWS!!

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  • Clyde Stewart

    I wanted to pass on some disturbing news concerning a physician listed on your foundation website.
    His name is Dr.Russ Arjal of Evergreen Health System. He was going to take my wife on as a patient in the hopes of receiving a fecal transplant for C.diff.
    Her condition is an emergency level due to five months of undiagnosed C.diff followed by a IV regimen of Flagyl, which I am certain did not eradicate the C.diff, but actually has put her at risk for a more resistant form of C.diff. Four weeks out of 10 day hospital stay, she cannot get out of bed. All of the original symptoms are still present,if not more prevelant,which leads me to believe that ” conventional” medicine has failed again!
    Here is my frustration with Dr. Arjal. He is a member of the fecal foundation,but will not utilize the FDA approved services of OpenBiome!!! Dr. Arjal puts the unnecessary burden on to the patient to provide a suitable donor. This is beyond comprehension. It is an obvious income generating ploy on his part to utilize his laboratory services ,possibly numerous times until a suitable donor is found.
    How can this be possible? OpenBiome should be applauded for their humanitarian contribution for their service. I will be forced to seek other alternative providers outside of the State of Washington at an unecssarry expense due to a money driven egocentric “traditional medical professional” that gave the oath to provide care; had a $$$$ in fine print.
    I have no fear of exposing this doctor or any others that portray or associate themselves with honest organizations in order to generate exorbitant fees under the auspices of caregiving.

    • Found8tion Post author

      Hi Mr. Stewart. Sorry I am just now seeing your comment. I hope your wife is better by now. None of our providers listed on the website are “members”, we list them as a courtesy to patients. We don’t have members, just a Board of Directors and a Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of respected physicians and patient advocates. We are big supporters of OpenBiome, and are always frustrated and disheartened when a doctor refuses to use them and instead places the burden of finding and testing a donor on the patient or the patient’s family, which is terribly burdensome to say the least. We don’t know why some doctors refuse to use OpenBiome, but they do. Best wishes to you and your wife. Catherine Duff, Founder, President, The Fecal Transplant Foundation