PhenQ Review – Five Things You Should Know Before…

PhenQ, yet another weight loss pill that we’ve heard of…yet there is something different about this product that sets it apart from the rest.

Unlike most ineffective weight loss supplements that promise the world but deliver very little, PhenQ has been proven effective. No wonder it’s garnered a massive fan following the world over with over 190,000 customers.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at this product and determine why it’s a cut above other products in the market.

What Is PhenQ?

what is phenq

PhenQ is a fat burner that works by burning excess body fat. It uses natural ingredients and is entirely safe and free of side effects. PhenQ is manufactured and sold by Wolfson Berg Limited, and according to the company, the pill packs five effects in one (more on this in a later section).

Its primary focus is to suppress your appetite. This means that PhenQ works by providing a fillip to specific metabolic processes in your body, which help burn fat fast. Plus, it also suppresses food cravings, which means NO MORE unwarranted binging episodes.

At least, that’s what the company claims the product does. And while these effects are undoubtedly impressive, it still pays to be sure before actually starting on a regime of the product. But don’t make the mistake most people do when looking for where to buy phenq? That’s why we decided to review Phenq and find out the ingredients it’s made of.

PhenQ Active Ingredients

phenq ingredients

Wolfson Berg is a company that’s well known for its high-quality dietary supplements. And with PhenQ, it has certainly outdone itself. We were glad to find that the product indeed uses natural ingredients.

We examined the product right down to the individual ingredient levels, and we must say that we’re pretty impressed with the results. The following is a complete breakdown of all the ingredients that PhenQ uses, along with its benefits and actions.

  1. Capsicum Blend

The first ingredient that PhenQ uses is a natural blend of capsicum(1) and piperine, which is an extract taken from black pepper. These natural extracts have thermogenic properties, which is just another way of saying that they increase your body’s core temperature.

As this happens, more fats are burned and converted to energy, reducing the amount of stored fat in the body. This helps to reduce weight and cut down on the excess flab.

While thermogenic ingredients can usually be found in fat-burning pills, they are often not present in enough quantities to show satisfactory results. However, we were impressed to see that PhenQ contains 50mg of the capsicum blend, which is the optimum dose for effective thermogenesis.

  1. Chromium Picolinate

This is a vital mineral(2) that’s directly linked to the body’s blood sugar levels. Unless you can maintain a proper balance in your blood sugar levels, you’re more likely to get cravings for sugar-rich food. This leads to excessive eating and rapid buildup of fat.

Chromium picolinate helps to maintain the right balance in the body’s blood sugar levels. This reduces cravings for sugary, fatty foods, thus ensuring that you don’t put on those extra pounds.

  1. Caffeine

The next PhenQ ingredient that we must talk about is caffeine(3). PhenQ contains about 140 mg of caffeine anhydrous, which is somewhat close to the amount you’d find in a large cup of coffee. Caffeine works to improve alertness and enhance mental focus.

In addition, caffeine works as an appetite suppressant and makes you feel less hungry. It also has thermogenic properties and can boost metabolism to speed up the fat-burning process.

Another way in which caffeine helps to reduce weight is by boosting your energy levels and enhancing your performance in the gym. As a result, you can spend more time on those extra reps and lose that flab in no time.

  1. Nopal

Native to the US and Mexico, the Nopal cactus(4) is highly rich in fibers, which allow you to stay full for longer, thus reducing food cravings. This prevents excessive eating, and thus, stops the accumulation of fat in the body.

Nopal is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It’s also a good source of essential amino acids, the basic building blocks of protein. The cactus even prevents fluid retention in the tissues, ensuring that you don’t put on any water weight.

  1. L-Carnitine

L-carnitine(5) is an amino acid that helps the body convert stored fats into energy. This is one of the significant ingredients of PhenQ, as apart from burning fat, it provides you with enough power to keep going throughout the day.

The compound is also beneficial for building and maintaining muscle mass. It works by transporting fatty acids to the muscles, where they are used as a source of energy. Plus, it doesn’t even have any side effects, which is an added benefit.

  1. a-Lacys Reset

The only lab-made component of PhenQ, a-Lacys Reset is a revolutionary formula that works by increasing the body’s natural metabolic rate. It also improves thermogenesis, thereby helping the body lose weight fast.

The combination of the above actions results in the rapid burning of calories and the prevention of weight gain. The compound works to increase the body’s energy levels, reduces fatigue, and improves moods. It also helps in muscle recovery after workouts.

Although the exact formula for this ingredient is patented, we were able to discover that it’s a combination of Alpha Lipoic Acid and Cysteine. This, together with a proprietary formula, helps to burn excess fat and get you into lean shape.

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Apart from the above primary active ingredients, PhenQ also contains copper sulfate, silicon dioxide, and magnesium stearate. All these contribute to burning body fat and provide more energy to perform.

How Does PhenQ Work?

Three of PhenQ’s significant ingredients, namely caffeine, capsicum blend, and L-carnitine, help speed up the body’s metabolic processes. This enables you to burn fat faster and produce more energy.

Apart from directly burning fat, the ingredients of this pill work to suppress your appetite. It’s widely known that sugar cravings and binge eating can lead to the accumulation of excess fat. PhenQ’s ingredients make sure that you don’t get sudden sugar cravings.

As a result, you not only stop overeating but also tend to skip those between-meal snacks. Plus, the chromium picolinate helps keep sugar at the optimal level, thus blocking the urge to consume sugary foods.

Regular consumption of the pill provides you with a rapid energy boost. Due to the excess energy, you can continue to perform at your best all day long, without the risk of getting tired or cranky.

At this point, it’s essential to mention that PhenQ is not a magic pill that’ll allow you to sit and eat potato chips all day and still get a lean body. You’ll have to accompany the pills with adequate exercise and strict diets to get the best results.

Who Is PhenQ For?

should i use phenq?

The PhenQ all-natural (except for the a-Lacys Reset) formula makes it suitable for all healthy adults. Perfect for both women and men, PhenQ can help anyone shed a few extra pounds and gain that lean, muscular look.

The product is also suitable for bodybuilders and athletes looking to get cut. As the pills help burn away only excess fat, this doesn’t result in excessive weight loss. What’s more, PhenQ helps build muscle mass, which is a bonus for those looking for sculpted bodies.

Apart from fitness aficionados, PhenQ is also a good recommendation for those looking to boost their energy levels and mood. The product lets you stay energetic and alert throughout the day, thus helping you deliver peak performance.

To cut a long story short, it suffices to say that PhenQ is suitable for any person looking to get into shape and give a positive fillip to their energy levels.

Five Things To Know Before Using PhenQ

don'tt use phenq if you are

In this section, we are going to let you in on five tidbits that you should know before using PhenQ. These are things that must be kept in mind before using the product, so that you can get the maximum effects without any risks.

  • PhenQ is meant only for adults above 18 years of age
  • In case you’re pregnant or a lactating mother, it’s best not to take PhenQ
  • If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, for which you’re taking prescription drugs, consult your doctor before using the product
  • PhenQ must be accompanied by a balanced diet and regular exercise in order to boost weight loss
  • PhenQ doesn’t contain any animal ingredients, hence is suitable for vegetarians as well as vegans

How Is PhenQ A Five-In-One Weight Loss Pill

how is phenq different

We’ve already mentioned that PhenQ is a five-in-one weight loss pill, but what does that actually mean? In this section we are going to elaborate on that.

Most weight loss supplements usually tackle only one aspect of the weight loss process. While some target fat burning, others work to suppress appetite and have thermogenic properties.

PhenQ, on the other hand, works with a five-in-one approach. Its potent mix of ingredients target the following five specific areas of your physiology, thus ensuring that you get an all-round weight loss experience. The following are each of the five areas PhenQ targets:

  • Boosts metabolic rate and improves thermogenesis to burn more fat
  • Prevents the production of excess fat cells
  • Suppresses appetites and prevents overeating
  • Boosts energy levels, allowing you to exercise well and keep to a diet plan
  • Improves moods, thus stopping you from succumbing to stress-binging

Thus, by attacking fat from the above five directions, PhenQ helps to reduce excess flab, and give you the body that you desire.

How To Get The Best Results From PhenQ?

excercise, diet and track

We’ve already mentioned that PhenQ is not a magical supplement that’ll give you ripped abs while you eat and sleep to your heart’s content. No, you’ll have to put in some serious work if you want to get the best results from this pill.

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The following are three top tips that can help you achieve the best results with PhenQ.

  1. Exercise Regularly

The first and most crucial point is to remember to sweat it out daily. Now, by sweating it out, we don’t mean insane hours at the gym. But we do suggest a regular fitness routine that includes all essential reps of exercises you need.

Even if you can’t hit a gym regularly, we suggest at least twenty minutes of light workouts at home, accompanied by a brisk walk in the evening. This will help in getting your metabolism pumped up and allow the pills to work efficiently.

  1. Follow A Fixed Diet

It doesn’t matter how much you work out or take pills; you won’t be cutting back on the flab unless you’re following a proper diet. It’s estimated that the majority of the required weight loss comes from the food we eat, so you can well understand how essential this is.

We suggest you undertake some serious research into your fitness goals and fix a diet accordingly. In case you feel unsure about the requirements, you can always get in touch with a nutritionist for help.

The best starting point, however, would be to cut back on the carbs and sugar. These two are the most significant contributors to excess fat, and it’s best to keep them in check as early as possible.

  1. Keep Track And Analyze

Finally, hitting the gym and cutting the calories isn’t enough; you need to keep track of your activities. You can use a fitness tracker in conjunction with a suitable fitness app; a lot of these are available online. These can help you effectively track and analyze your exercise routine, calorie intake, and food habits.

Finally, we’d like to reiterate (and we can’t stress this point enough) that PhenQ works by boosting the natural fat-burning capabilities in your body. It doesn’t include chemical additives that can just melt away excess fat, as that would not be healthy for you.

That’s why, to get the most benefits out of the product, you need to put in the required amount of exercise and culinary control. Without this, just taking the pills will end up being a waste.

PhenQ Dosage – How To Take PhenQ?

dosage and directions

Each bottle of PhenQ contains 60 pills, and at the recommended dosage of two pills per day, each bottle lasts for a whole month. When taking PhenQ, it’s best that you take one pill with breakfast and the other with lunch, to ensure that you get the full effects throughout the day.

Since the pills contain significant caffeine, we don’t recommend taking them anytime after three in the afternoon, as this might result in an interruption of your sleeping patterns. Also, avoid taking caffeine beverages when using PhenQ.

Since PhenQ is an almost natural formulation, it’s not habit-forming, and you won’t develop a tolerance to the medicine. Therefore, you can continue to take it for as long as you want without adverse effects.

It’s recommended that you continue to take the pills even after reaching your desired weight. This will help make sure that you can maintain your hard-earned weight level for a long time.

What Are PhenQ Side Effects?

phenq side effects

According to the manufacturers, PhenQ doesn’t have any side effects for healthy adults, as it’s a predominantly natural formulation. However, it’s best that you make sure that you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients before starting on a regime.

Also, people with caffeine or capsicum sensitivity would do best to consult their doctor before getting the product.

Further, some customers have reported mild side effects such as insomnia, nausea, and headaches. So, if you experience something similar, it’s best that you stop taking the pills.

Where To Buy PhenQ And Price?

where to get phenq

Currently, the best place to buy authentic PhenQ is the official PhenQ website. Here you’ll get access to real-time deals and discounts and be sure that you’re getting the actual product.

When it comes to cost, the product is certainly competitively priced. One bottle of the stuff costs $69.95, while a three-month supply comes for $139.90. And if you go for the five-month supply, you’ll get that for just $189.95.

What’s more, the product also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose but weight.

PhenQ Review Conclusion – Should You Buy?

Now, the question remains: should you try PhenQ? Well, if you’re ready to lose that excess flab, willing to put in the necessary work, and can commit to the regime, then we say you should certainly go for it.

PhenQ is a safe and proven formula that has worked for thousands, and there’s no reason you can’t be a part of the PhenQ family.

That being said, it might be tough for some to pay the product’s premium price. But considering the results you’ll be getting, we suggest looking at it as an investment with positive returns.

So, don’t wait till it’s too late: get PhenQ and start shedding fat today!