10 PhenQ Testimonials (Independent) Real Reviews

Here are the 10 real testimonials provided by 10 different women who have used PhenQ over a significant period of time. Each user shares her personal review to throw light on the pros and cons of these weight loss pills.

  1. Emma
emma's transformation

Since childhood, I had been overweight until I stumbled upon PhenQ while browsing the net for different weight loss tips and techniques. Now, dietary supplements weren’t new to me. I’ve had a fair share of experiences with such pills over the years, which ultimately led to disappointment.

This is one of the reasons why I was a bit apprehensive about spending the extra bucks on these pills. But seeing its 60-day money-back guarantee and positive reviews, I decided it was worth a try.

To my delight, PhenQ managed to decrease my appetite within just 3 days of use without compromising energy levels. Instead, I felt a significant surge of energy, which helped me perform daily activities with more enthusiasm.

As far as my weight loss is concerned, I’ve already dropped 5 pounds after introducing the supplement to my daily diet. And it’s only been 2 weeks! Taking two pills a day, one with breakfast and the other with lunch, really boosted my weight loss journey.

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However, working out after consuming PhenQ increased my heart rate during the first week. Other than this, I didn’t really come across any major side effect, which was definitely a relief.

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  1. Rachel
rachel testimonial 2020

It’s been a month since I first started taking PhenQ with my breakfast and lunch. And I’m truly thankful for its active ingredients and patented A-Lacys Reset formula that helped boost my weight loss journey.

I started noticing positive results from the first week itself. My appetite had drastically reduced, and whatever I consumed got digested within no time. That said, being a teacher, my hectic schedules didn’t really permit me to work out regularly, and I often worried that this would compromise the effectiveness of PhenQ to an extent where I almost stopped its intake.

But after reading reviews and testimonials from other users, I continued taking the supplement along with a healthy diet comprising a decent amount of proteins and fiber. Over the span of one month, PhenQ helped alleviate my mood, making me feel motivated to work harder. In fact, I also felt revitalized, despite consuming food in lower quantities than before.

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At the end of the one month period, I finally decided it was time to check my weight. Well, believe it or not, PhenQ helped me lose 11 pounds in 30 days without the need for regular exercise. All I did was maintain a healthy and proportionate diet.

  1. Stacy
stacy phenq results

I’ve never been too keen on trying out new weight loss supplements because of past experience, where I always ended up with one or more serious side effects. But since PhenQ was suggested to me by Alex, a close friend of mine, after she noticed positive effects, I decided to give it a go.

Inspired by her weight loss journey, I ended up buying two bottles from its official website, each comprising 60 pills. The best part of the investment was that I got an extra bottle free! Plus, its 60-day money-back guarantee always gave me a sense of relief, and by the end of it, I didn’t regret spending the $139.90.

You might expect me to say that its active formula helped me lose 5 pounds within just the first week. But it’s not rocket science. Well, what I can say is that it managed to stop the production of new fat. As a result, I stopped gaining weight in the second week itself. Finally, after the 60-day trial period, I didn’t have to request a refund since I had already lost 20 pounds!

Phenq often provides special offers and discounts on their website.

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  1. Mia
Mia phenq testimonial

PhenQ is definitely worth the price!

Hi, I’m Mia. And today, I’m here to share my take on this dietary supplement that claims to suppress appetite, targeting weight loss in different ways. That said, standing by the statement mentioned above, PhenQ definitely meets expectations, making it worth its hefty price tag.

You get to choose between its cost-effective packages, the most popular one being its two-bottle pack, which comes with an additional free bottle. For me, it was truly a value for money investment that offered instant returns over a period of 2 months.

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Taking these pills twice a day not only curbed my appetite, but it also prevented me from overeating by reducing hunger cravings. Despite not eating as per my usual diet, I didn’t complain of hunger pangs or lethargy, thanks to its caffeine content.

Instead, it made me more enthusiastic during work and other daily activities, thereby improving overall performance. Fatigue and tiredness were things of the past. With PhenQ, I believe I’m on the right path to achieving the slim body I’ve always dreamt of.

  1. Ava
ava testimonial

After a ton of research, I eventually came across PhenQ while looking for an effective dietary supplement to help me reduce weight. Unlike other weight loss supplements, PhenQ is completely transparent about the active ingredients that go into its formula. So, before investing in its value-pack, I made sure to study the benefits of each ingredient in detail.

Being 100% vegan and natural, I didn’t have to consult any doctor before introducing it to my diet routine. Once I started taking the pills as per the recommended dosage, I noticed positive effects aimed at suppressing appetite and promoting weight loss.

There weren’t any signs of serious side-effects such as nausea or upset stomach. In fact, I felt much more healthy, both mentally and physically, even after being on a diet. However, I had to stop the intake of coffee since PhenQ already consists of high levels of caffeine, which might end up disrupting sleeping patterns.

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My focus was always on the reduction of belly fat, and PhenQ helped me achieve the desired results within just a month of use. This further encouraged me to lead a healthier lifestyle for the long-run.

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  1. Denise
denise transformation

I’ve always had issues related to weight gain and acne since early on. Exercise and dieting managed to help only for a short duration, after which I’d go back to square one. That’s when my sister recommended PhenQ!

Honestly, I didn’t believe it would work, but I tried it just on my sister’s insistence. Within the first few days, I lost my appetite. There were no more hunger cravings, and I surprisingly stopped having junk food, which was another significant reason for my weight gain.

Whatever I ate, PhenQ helped me digest it within no time by boosting my metabolism. Signs of fat accumulation in the various parts of my body were being eliminated. As such, I eventually started gaining back my lost confidence, which, in turn, elevated my mood, making me feel more enthusiastic and energetic.

However, I’d suggest maintaining a healthy diet and incorporating a suitable workout plan into your daily routine. This is because even though PhenQ managed to reduce weight, it was slow in ensuring the desired outcome.

But when I teamed it with exercise and monitored my calorie intake, the effects were quicker and much more prominent. I ended up losing approximately 2 pounds per week.

  1. Amy
amy's testimonial

PhenQ’s unique formula is what prompted me to buy its two-bottle package in the first place. All its active ingredients worked individually to target weight loss from multiple angles. And the final results definitely met my expectations.

Right from the get-go, I felt energized in spite of the reduced food intake, which was a result of my suppressed appetite. This is because PhenQ supplements the loss of vitamins, proteins, and fibers from the body. It also reduces the water content of the body by flushing fluids from the tissues into your bloodstream.

For such reasons, I consider these weight loss pills to be one of the best dietary health supplements out there. On taking it regularly, as per the recommended dosage, I started losing body fat, which, in turn, made me look much slimmer in just 4 weeks.

PhenQ also helped promote a sense of well-being in order to overcome my anxiety. Even after not eating much, I felt more relaxed and calm. There were no signs of agitation due to hunger or any such reason. To sum up, I’d definitely recommend these high-quality and effective weight loss pills to those on a weight loss journey.

  1. Claire

My experience with PhenQ weight loss pills towards the beginning wasn’t that great. After taking it for two days, I started feeling restless and nauseous, only to end up throwing up on the third day. Knowing these were the common side effects of the supplement, I decided to wait for a few more days before consulting my doctor and stopping it completely.

That’s just what I did. And by the fifth day, I started feeling a lot better. The pills finally began showing positive effects on my overall health. I didn’t feel the urge to eat much, but I could still have a healthy, low-calorie meal.

As a result, PhenQ prevented weight gain and helped me burn fat at a faster rate. It also showed positive effects on my mental health, which was definitely a win-win. There were no signs of energy dip; instead, I felt motivated and happier, all thanks to its mood-enhancing properties.

This dietary supplement guided me throughout my weight loss journey. There were a few ups and downs, but I’m happy with the end results. I’ve lost 14 pounds and 11.5 inches in just a month – this is definitely an achievement to me!

  1. April
april independent review

Being a mother of two, it’s difficult to maintain a slim figure while looking after my kids, going to work, and performing household chores. After putting on nearly 20 pounds during my second pregnancy, it seemed impossible to get back my old body.

I lost my confidence and always felt demotivated. Daily workout wasn’t an option that deemed fit at that point, so I turned to PhenQ after consulting my doctor just for being sure. Being an all-natural supplement, I considered it to be safe, and it was. I didn’t come across any significant side-effect, but during the initial days, the pills did make me feel dizzy.

This lasted for around 6 to 7 days, and slowly went away in the second week. Other than this, I noticed a disruption in my sleeping pattern. But that’s not PhenQ’s fault as I had been consuming coffee along with it. So, it makes sense to give it the benefit of doubt.

Even with its minor side-effects, these weight loss pills helped me lose weight without causing a dip in my energy levels.

  1. Marie
Marie customer review

After struggling with weight gain issues for years, I decided it was time to make a change for myself. That’s when I came across PhenQ weight loss pills. Despite the apprehensions and doubts, I gave it a go because of its clinically-proven ingredients that have provided desired outcomes to thousands of users.

Truth be told, my experience with this supplement has been like a roller-coaster ride. I wasn’t among the lucky lot who didn’t come across any side-effects. Taking the pills twice a day during the first few weeks caused minor headaches, a common adverse effect of PhenQ.

This lasted for two to three days, following which I noticed a sudden upliftment of mood and a decrease in appetite. I no longer had to worry about food cravings and overeating; the pills helped me maintain a healthy diet without taking a toll on temper and energy levels.

In fact, it’s not just me; evidence from clinical studies prove that PhenQ is a supplement that’s backed by science. It turns up body heat in order to burn fat with its thermogenic properties, thereby sliming you down from the waist and hips.

I also find it imperative to mention its active ingredient, caffeine, which helped in increasing alertness and focus by reducing fatigue.

Phenq often provides special offers and discounts on their website.

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